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Suitable for any metering application along the water cycle
- bi-directionnal measurement (flow-rate, totalization)
- rangeability comparable to class B - ISO 4064/1

B1, B2: coils generating inductive field (B)
E1, E2: electrodes collecting voltage (e) proportionnal to velocity of fluid (v)

Standardly supplied with full set of communication features
- various configurable outputs (pulses, 0/4-20mA, RS 485)

Easy to install and configure
- ISO length versions for easy replacement of existing meter
- programming mode fully accessible from push buttons

Robust to the toughest environments
- floodable tube option IP68 with remote converter IP67
- fully metallic converter housing, sealable front cover

  Typical accuracy:
+/- 0,5 % from 0,3 up to 10 m/s
comparable to class B ISO 4064/1
  Detailed features
  Available lengths and flanging